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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Organic Beef - Get your Grass on! Whole Foods sale on Firday

Organic Grass Fed Beef Premium Roast Package ONE (8 lb. Package)An opportunity is coming our way for those of you who want to try the most delicious beef from mother earth! Grass Fed beef is the most tasty beef on the planet.  This Friday you have a chance to try it cheap!  Whole Foods in La Jolla and Hillcrest (San Diego) are selling grass fed ground beef for $3.99 this Friday September 3rd.

Most farmed beef (my phrase for non-range cattle) is fed Soybeans,  corn and other proteins to fatten them up.This is like feeding them a vanilla protein shake all the time. The meat tastes like it too.  The answer - Grass fed.

Since the early 1900s all commercial beef has been "corn finished" beef. Meaning that for the last six months of the entree's life they are put on a corn diet that usually contains other hormones and fattening agents.  This means the corn needs to travel to the ranch and the ranch needs to send the corn now converted in to beef. to the store. So in a way we are paying for twice the mileage on the corn.  This does not make sense environmentally and it takes up corn that can be used for food for people or fuel.

Grass or wild fed beef tastes very different. I will warn you some folks may not like it.  Those of us that do love have been keeping a secret from you.

 All kinds of wonderful things can be said about natural feeding.  The meat is leaner, contains good ratios of Omega3 fats to saturated fat, plumps when cooked and cooks in less time by volume.  And then there is the taste.

Cooking Tips:
Grass fed beef is leaner.  Cooking must take this in to account. These tips can also be used on Bison and Ostrich. Searing fast and finishing slowly is a great way to treat this meat. Here is a recipe for Hamburgers for this weekend.

1 lb of Grass Fed Beef
1 1/2 cup rolled oat meal
1/2 cup a decent red wine.  I like Sirah or Zinfandel for this.  An Austrailian Shiraz would also be really good.

1 Tbls Ground Pepper (medium to fine)
A nice pinch of salt.  Suggest ground sea salt or Kosher. 
2 Tbls Fresh Sage Minced your favorite can be substituted but never more than 2 Tbs total.  You want to taste the meat.
1 large Egg (Locally grown of course)

Combine Oat meal, Egg and wine in a bowl and mix lightly, then add other dry ingredients and continue to work until it looks to be mostly all one color.
NOTE:  Over mixing can cause the meat top break down pre-cooking and cause a dense texture that does not have all the flavor. Do not use a food processor, your hands are the best tools for the mixing.

Divide in to 4 patties about 4-5 ounces each.

Cooking at home: Preheat the oven to 325 degrees F.  Heat up your heaviest stainless or cast iron skillet to smoking hot.  Oil with Canola or Peanut oil (No Olive oil here please) Cook on first side for 1 minute flip and place the pan in the oven for about 10 more minutes.

If cooking on a BBQ: Heat up one side or stoke your coals all on one side to really hot. Drop the burger for a minute on each side. Move the burgers to the other side of the grill and close the lid.

Cook to Medium rare, temperature 130 degrees F or until juices seem to be clear not red or burger has just a little give when gently touched. 

What better way to savor an American Tradition then with good old American food.

Gregor - Sharing learning and loving.