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Monday, December 16, 2013

Book Review: A Life Unburdened - Richard Morris

"A Life Unburdened" By Richard Morris - An excellent and easy read.   Informative and inspiring. This is not a "Diet" book.  It is not full of recipes nor does it tell you what to do. And it changed my life.

I am a compulsive eater.  At one time I weighed in at 624 pounds, yes really.  On June 17th 2013, I started Overeaters Anonymous. I've steadily been loosing weight since then.  I did not do it alone, not only have I had to find a spiritual path as describe in the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous. I've also been trying to learn how to really eat well.  It seems that the media can't make up my mind.  One book on a personal experience was very helpful.

Before you decide to be a vegan, a carnivore, a caveman or any other kind of foodie, I offer a look at what we know.  The truth is not much.  It is becoming more and more obvious that everything we think we know about anything is wrong.  The media reports what they "know" when more often than not what they tell us is what they "understand", the media's understanding is no better than yours on any given issue.
I was given this book by a friend, it does not contain a diet, recipes or any real nutritional firebombs. It simply contains one families experience in getting healthy.  Richard Morris penned this after he essentially re-made his health and life, he shares his experience in a clear and concise manner. It is friendly versus authoritative, yet he backs up every single conclusion with science and references. 

If you have ever wondered how the severely obese "feel", his first chapter is right on. Though Richard being a light weight at only 400 pounds, does not give away every little thing.

The book is entertaining and informative.  I found no real "radical" concepts.  A lot of is is simple common sense.  The information is excellent, and caused me to think deeply on what I ate. The most important information I got out of this book is to question what I know.

It inspired me to start looking at what I ate from the most important question of all: Is what I'm eating nourishing?  A review of my diet and a little research led to the conclusion that it was not. All of that came from seeing how Mister Morris and his family managed to conquer their weight issues.  Richard goes back over 4 generations and looks at how each generation ate and what the results were, from a health standpoint.

His experience by it's self is not authoritative.  But the research he finds supporting his conclusions are. This has inspired me to find a plan if eating radically different then what  "I kew" was correct and loose 39 pounds as of this writing. Because of what I've learned I'm following a food plan that is extremely comfortable and I have had no issues cheating in the last 6 weeks.

Before you go on the next diet, do that thing the Doctor wants or make any life changing nutritional decisions, I suggest you read "A Life Unburdened" by Richard Morris.

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